8 mm x 10 mm Oval Halo Ring Setting (RSS)

Mom's Own Milk

  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only.  
  2. Where applicable and to prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
    1. Inclusions are what you provide us to set in resin.
      1. Breastmilk inclusion - is any inclusion made of breastmilk. 
      2. Non-breastmilk inclusions - may be any of the following:  hair, dried umbilical cord, cremation ashes, encapsulated placenta, teeth, sand, fabric or any other inclusion that you consider precious.
      3. The price includes one inclusion.
      4. The ring can accommodate several inclusions.  These need to be purchased from the additional inclusions section.
      5. Please specify your ring size at checkout.  
        1. Rings are available in size N only.
        2. Rings are sterling silver and bears US purity stamps.
        3. The ring  features 22 CZ stones around an oval 4-prong mounting with 30 decorative CZ stones on a tapered shank - 15 on each side.
        4. Inclusions are set using resin and jeweller's glue and can withhold general wear and tear.  Submersion in water, use of perfumes and soaps may dissolve the adhesive resulting in the inclusion falling off.  Please ensure that you inspect your creation regularly for wear and tear.
        5. Ring settings are approximately 8 x 10 mm in diameter.  
        6. Orders for this design cannot be cancelled.
        7. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.

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