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Two Finger Glass Ring - Sterling Silver

  • £220.00

  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only.
  2. Where applicable and to prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
  3. We are able to set breastmilk or cremation ashes in your creation.
  4. Items are sold with one inclusion and we use white / transparent glass.  Other options can be purchased as an add on.
  5. The process we use is called lampworking which is also known as flameworking or torchworking.  It is a type of glasswork where a torch is used to melt glass rods. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by shaping with tools and hand movements.
  6. Our unique breastmilk preservation process allows us to combine your breastmilk with any glass colour of your choice, thereby encasing and preserving it.  Typically, we make use of opal white glass to enhance your breastmilk.  Air bubbles within the glass is common and gets formed when the air is trapped between the glass.  We kiln anneal all glass for additional durability.
  7. The two rings are approximately a size M 1/5 and a size O 1/2.  Other sizes are not available.
  8. The ring features a glass orb approximately 6 - 10 mm in size.
  9. Rings are made out of sterling silver.
  10. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.

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