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  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only.
  2. Resin rings require additional care as it can loose its inclusions if submerged in water, heated or the setting is bumped / damaged in any way.  Our glass rings are much more durable and less fragile.
  3. Any customisation or notes must be specified in the INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER box at checkout.
  4. Engraving:
    1. We offer inside ring engraving on all our rings.  Please specify in the INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER box at checkout what you would like engraved and whether you prefer regular or cursive text.
    2. You can purchase engraving using this link.
    3. Please provide us with your ring size at checkout. 
      1. Our ring sizer helps you to determine your ring size and it can be found in the shop listing. It works just like a belt: form a ring, place it on your finger until you get a comfortable fit. Then read off the indicated size.  The multiuser is made of plastic and offers U.K. sizes A to Z. 
      2. There is a cost for the ring sizer tool and it must be purchased in addition to the ring and part of your order.  >>> Click here to add the ring sizer tool to your shopping basket <<
        1. When choosing a breastmilk kit as part of your delivery option, the ring sizer will be included in the kit, provided you have purchased the kit and the ring sizer tool.
        2. If you have not purchased a collection kit, additional delivery fees will be payable to receive ring sizer tool.  We will invoice you accordingly.
    4. Ring bands:
      1. Sterling silver:
        1. Depending on our available stock at the time, we use rectangular or half round bands approximately 2-2.5 mm wide.  Patterned or thicker bands can be purchased by selecting this link.
      2. Gold rings
        1. Rings sized I-P have a 2 mm ring band.
        2. Rings sized Q-Z have a 4 mm ring band.
    5. Ring components:
      1. Sterling silver:  ring bands and settings will be completely hand crafted using sterling silver.
      2. 9ct yellow gold:  ring bands and settings will be completely hand crafted using 9ct yellow gold.
      3. 9ct white gold:  ring bands will be made of 9ct white gold and settings are made with sterling silver.
      4. Soldering of the various components are visible.
    6. Ring setting types:
      1. Bezel settings are elevated collars that wrap around the rim of the cabochon in a complete metal edging.
      2. Crown settings sit on top of the ring and wrap the cabochon in prongs in a crown like pattern.
    7. Ring styles and setting sizes:
      1. Stacking rings are approximately 6 mm in size and is available in a crown or bezel setting.
      2. Bezel rings are approximately 10-14 mm in size depending on the style chosen.
      3. Crown rings are approximately 10-14 mm in size depending on the style chosen.
      4. Inclusions - we are able to set multiple inclusions in rings and the price quoted is for a single inclusion.  Additional inclusions can be purchased using this link.  Inclusions are what you provide us to set in your creation.
        1. Breastmilk inclusion - is any inclusion made of breastmilk.
        2. Non-breastmilk inclusions - may be any of the following: hair or cremation ashes.
        3. Single inclusions is any one these mentioned above and double inclusions are any two (e.g. breastmilk and hair). 
      5. Custom rings are hand made, made to order and as such any cancellations will incur costs.  You also have 24 hours after placing your order to inform us of any amendments to your ring (setting, style, size or ring band style).  After this time, we will assume that the order is correct and any changes will carry an additional cost.
      6. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.

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