Drop Keepsake Pendant Kit

Mom's Own Milk

    1. Top quality stainless steel pendants will securely hold a small token amount of your loved one's ashes, cremains, soil, hair, perfume, flowers or anything you wish to hold precious.
    2. Made from top quality 316L stainless steel it is completely allergy free and suitable for everyone.  It is highly resistant to rust and corrosive buildups, ensuring it remains untarnished for years with proper care.
    3. Available in 2 stunning colours; including gold / silver and silver, each pendant includes a free necklace.
    1. Fill the pendant with your loved one's ashes, cremains, soil, hair or perfume in the privacy of your own home.  The kit includes a funnel with detailed instructions on how to fill it.  
    2. Breastmilk inclusions:  we are able to process your breastmilk and set it into the keepsake you had purchased.  Choose the delivery option with a Keepsake option with a breastmilk kit.
      1. We will require 10 ml of your breastmilk which we will preserve and set inside the keepsake you have purchased.  
      2. Kits are mailed out within 24 hours of placing and order (excluding weekends and bank holidays).
      3. Each kit will include full instructions, appropriate storage containers, packaging and a self addressed prepaid biological transport bag to ensure that your milk is sent to us in a secure manner and that leakage and contamination is eliminated (provided you follow our instructions).
      4. We will notify you by email when we receive your returned breastmilk.
      5. The cost of the kit includes return prepaid postage (UK only_).
    1. Each pendant has a small opening at the top for filling.
    2. Each kit contains a funnel with detailed instructions on how to fill the keepsake.
    1. 12 x 40 mm.
    2. 18-20 inch belcher chain necklace.
  5. ADD ONS: .
    1. Birthstone charms:
      1. Silver birthstone charms are available and can be added to the pendant for a minimal cost.

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