Glass Spoons

Mom's Own Milk

  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only.
  2. To prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
  3. There may be additional costs associated with a purchase.
    1. A transparent glass spoon with up to 3 breastmilk or cremation ashes accents on the handle is included in the price.  Please specify how many accents you would like at checkout.
    2. Birthstone accents cost extra and can be purchased using this link.  This item is sold as a keepsake spoon and although we make use of Bullseye clear class in creating the item, we suggest you visit this link for more information on bullseye glass food safety.
  4. The cost of the keepsake includes one inclusion.  All glass keepsakes can be made with either breastmilk or cremation ashes.
  5. We are able to include images / customised text / names on all spoons.  Bold fonts are better suited and light / white glass shows the details better.  Glass effects, multiple colours and speciality glass needs to be purchased extra using this link
  6. Types of glass
    1. We work with standard transparent, opal or clear glass.  We hold a wide number of colours and effects in stock, so if you have a specific colour in mind, please discuss with us before placing your order.  Please visit this link for available glass options.
    2. We also have an extensive range of customised glass options tailor made to suite you and there may be additional costs associate with this.  Please visit this link for more info.
  7. Boob awards cost extra and can be purchased using this link.
  8. The spoon is approximately 12 cm long.
  9. Each spoon is hand shaped so please be mindful of this when placing your order,
  10. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.

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