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3D Glass Decorative Pendant

  • £195.00

Our Enchanted Jewellery Range is inspired by classic Fairy Tales including Beauty and the Beast and Maleficient.  Dare to be bold and show your villainous or sweet nature but don't wait too long....stocks are limited.
  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only and all sizes are approximate.
  2. Any customisation or notes must be specified in the INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER box at checkout.
  3. We are able to set multiple inclusions in your creation, including breastmilk lock of hair and cremation ashes. A  single inclusion is one of these items.  A double inclusion is two. 
    1. Each pendant is sold with one inclusion.  Additional inclusions can be purchased using this link.
  4. Standard items use transparent glass with silver findings.  White glass is available at no additional cost. Other glass effects and embellishments can be purchased as an add on using this link.
  5. Items are made using a process called lampworking.
  6. Any shimmers and glitters can be purchased using the Boob Awards link.
  7. Additional colours and special effects can be purchased using this link.
  8. About the pendants:
    1. Bell Pendant with Rose: 
      1. The rose is available in a cherise / red colour.  Other colours are available upon request and will carry an additional cost as a bespoke item.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
      2. Inclusions are fused into tiny balls.  The purchase of the pendant includes a scattering of 3 additional colours to compliment the inclusions and the rose.
      3. The bottom of the pendant can be engraved with a personal message.  Engraving can be purchases using this link.
    2. Wings, bow and framed pendants:  the design is available with an egg or orb shaped class dangle between 5 and 10 mm in size.  Please specify your preference at checkout.  
  9. Approximate setting shapes and sizes:
    1. Bell Pendant:  20 x 33 mm
    2. Double wing with single setting:  15 x 30 mm
    3. Bow pendant:  20 x 30 mm
    4. Offset double witn with double setting:  34 x 40 mm
    5. Filigree frame:  30 mm
  10. All glass pendants are completely hand formed.
    1. Findings are attached with jump rings.
    2. Pendants include a complimentary sterling silver necklace (using available findings we have in stock and appropriate to the design.  Complimentary necklaces cannot be exchanged or returned if broken.  We do offer sturdier necklaces for sale in our online store.
    3. If you should find anything of concern, please reconsider your purchase.

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