Diamond powder (Resin)

Mom's Own Milk

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  2. Additional inclusions cannot be purchased on their own.
  3. Earth mined uncut diamond powder dust from high quality rough diamonds.
  4. Diamond gemstones bought as beautiful jewellery account for less than 20% of all diamonds mined.  The other 80% of diamonds is used for other purposes, and is referred to as industrial diamonds.  When ground into power form, they are used as superabrasives.  A superabrasive is an extremely hard substance (like a diamond) that is used to cut, polish or grind materials that are either too fragile or too hard to be affected by regular abrasives.   Diamond powder used for cutting or grinding is bonded to another material such as a drill or saw.  
  5. The diamond powder is quite heavy so will settle at the bottom of each creation.  Its better suited for rings, pendants and earrings.  With charm beads it will lay on one side of the bead.
  6. Multiple purchases of the same inclusions are needed for several creations.  

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