Colour pallet

1.  Resin tinging is free and breastmilk tinting carries an additional cost.

Resin tinting is included in the price of any purchase.


1.1  The following colours are no longer available:  

1.1.1  Bubblegum pink, ocean blue and holographic light pink and light yellow shimmer.

1.2   If you would like to add a little sparkle to your unique creation, (whether its breastmilk, hair or any other inclusion) then choose any of the shimmers, flecks, flakes or gold leaf, which we will add to the resin protecting your inclusion.  Gold leaf, silver flakes and copper flakes carry an additional cost and needs to be purchased in addition to your creation.

1.3  Flecks arranged in a rainbow design carries an additional cost and must be purchased from the additional inclusion section.

1.4  Shimmers, flecks, pearl shimmer, holographic tints and chunky glitter are not suitable for breastmilk tinting.  I.e. to change the colour of your breastmilk.  It is better suited for resin tinting.

1.5  If used as a background colour for bezel settings, any of our flecks will not cover all the metal.  Depending on the size of the creation, a lot of the bezel will be visible.  We would recommend adding flecks over a neutral background such as white or one of our pearl shimmer colours.

1.6  Holographic tints, pearl shimmers, iridescent flecks and chunky glitter is heavier than the resin and will naturally set at the bottom of each creation.

1.7   Fluorescent and glow in the dark resin and breastmilk tinting:

100 % non-toxic and non-radioactive. It can be charged over and over again almost indefinitely and will last for more than 10 years.  The tint has a very bright colour in daylight.  The colour intensifies when viewed under ultraviolet (UV) blacklight. Once charged, it glows in the dark for up to 20 minutes with either normal light or UV light. To increase the glow, it is suggested using a  blacklight bulb with a wavelength of 365nm. Colours available include PINK, VIOLET, BLUE,GREEN, YELLOW AND WHITE. Please note that the violet and blue shades do not glow as bright as the other colours

 New: holographic aquamarine chunky glitter and holographic pink chunky glitter.



2.  NEW colours and tints

Metal flakes are suitable for resin only and are free.

All the following items carry an additional cost and can be purchase from the additional inclusions section.

2.1  Diamond powder  - Earth mined uncut diamond powder dust from high quality rough diamonds.

2.2 Rainbow stardust 

2.3 Platinum stardust 

2.4 Holographic fibres 5

2.5 Jade stardust 




3.  Vintage floral inclusions 

Are suitable for a wide range of creations, including charm beads, all pendants, bubbles, pearls, all charms and rings. There are 44 different designs to choose and needs to be purchased from the additional inclusions section.  Please specify your choice at checkout by quoting the number.

Note: design 2 is sold out.


4.  Fused Glass

All fused glass colours are suitable for any fused glass ring, or pendant design available in our  Artisan Glass Jewellery range.

Transparent glass can be seen through whereas opal glass is opaque.  All items marked with an arrow (<---) is in stock.

4.1.1 Transparent glass


4.1.2 Opal glass

4.2  Irid & Textured glass

Iridised glass give a subtle rainbow effect.  They look especially well with metallic images.

4.3  Dichroic glass is suitable for dichroic pendants and rings.

4.3.1 Transparent options (dichroic on clear):

  1. Silver
  2. Light rainbow (limited quantity)
  3. Pink
  4. Violet
  5. Blue
  6. Red
  7. Golden bronze
  8. Green
  9. Blue / green


4.3.2. Dichroic on black

A.  Images
  1. Yellow / blue
  2. Yellow / green butterflies
  3. Rainbow watch parts
  4. Red zebra print
  5. Silver zebra print
  6. Red fire (limited quantity)Purple fire
B.  Solid colours
  1. Silver
  2. Pink
  3. Violet / blue
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Light yellow gold
  7. Yellow gold (limited quantity)
  8. Rose gold (limited quantity)
  9. Light Gold
  10. Brown
  11. Red
  12. Copper

5.  Flakes and leaves

5.1  24K Gold Leaf 

Gold leaf is suitable for transparent or semi tinted resin and is ideal for bubbles, charm beads, resin pendants and charms, ring filled pendants and charms, bubbles and mementos.  We use 24K gold on base gold leaf sheets.  It is not composition gold where high content gold leaf is mixed with other precious metals to resemble a remarkably similar appearance to pure gold.  Each gold leaf inclusion has exceptional gold colour quality and is between 0.2 - 0.4 microns thick. This gold leaf leaf is a special foil that is evaporated with 24K gold.

5.2  Silver and copper flakes 

Similar to the gold leaf, silver and copper flakes are derived from aluminium sheets and are used to give a fantastic silver of copper effect to your creation.

5.3 NEW flake inclusions - free

We've added three new inclusions to our flakes range and there is no additional cost associated with it.



6.  Colour blended resin background 

A unique hand painted background suitable for any deep silver backed creation or small / large resin pendant or charms.  Fully customisable in terms of colour choices and design.  



7.  Steampunk watch parts

Add genuine watch part cogs and gears to your bezel or resin creation at an additional cost.  It can be purchased by using Additional Inclusions shop listing.



8.  Image backgrounds

8.1  Glitter colours - only suitable for 12 mm, 16 mm and 25 mm charms and pendants

IMG_2198Image description


8.2  Images

Image descriptions can be found below.  Images carry an additional cost and can be added to your basket using this additional inclusions link.