Cancellation and refund policy

  1. Legal obligations
    1. Items sold in this Mom's Own Milk online store
      1. All items sold in this online store is custom made, made to order, bespoke and of a personal nature.  Each creation is personal to the recipient and has no monetary or resale value to anyone else.  For this purpose and in terms of legislation there is no legal obligation to offer any refunds or cancellations unless the item is proven to be faulty.
      2. In addition, where specific materials have been purchased and work has been started on an order before inclusions are received, any cancellations / amendments will incur a cost of up to 100 % of the purchase price.  This includes custom made rings, pendants and charms where metal smithing,  sculpted and pre-made findings are purchased to complete the order.
    2. The Consumer Rights Act 2015
      1. Gives you rights when shopping online and this policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.  The act addresses instances where items are faulty, not as described, or don’t do what they are supposed to do.  There are some circumstances where the Consumer Rights Act won’t give you a right to cancel or claim a refund.  
      2. Custom made, bespoke and personalised items must be independently proven to be faulty to qualify for a refund.  
    3. The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013
      1. Apply to and agreements, orders and purchases made 'at a distance', such as purchasing something through the internet.  Under the Regulations, there are certain contracts that do not have a right to cancel, including goods that are made to the customer's specification or are personalised.
    4. Cancelling orders
      1. According to Citizen's Advice on changing your mind about something you have purchased, "you don’t have an automatic right to get your money back if you just change your mind about something you’ve bought and there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s the same no matter how expensive the item was - it’s really down to the seller whether they offer you anything."
      2. Similarly the 14 day "cooling-off period" does not apply to items that are bespoke, personalised or custom-made.
  2. Our Cancellations and Returns Policy
    1. Refunding of return postage
      1. Notify us as soon as possible of any faults with your order.  Once we agree to make repairs to an item custom made by us, we will notify you where to return the item to and the mailing options to use.  Specifically provided returned mailing services will be refunded to you.  Should you choose to use a different mailing services we will only refund you the cost of the mailing service we have specified.  Please retain proof of postage for future use.
    2. Exclusions
      1. Jump rings that have opened.
      2. Complimentary necklace chains that break (irrespective of the age).
      3. There may be cost to repair and / or replace these items.
    3. Losses and / or breakages
      1. Mom's Own Milk is not responsible for any losses of your creation, irrespective of the age of it.
      2. Most of the items sold in this store is made of glass and as such is not indestructible.  Proper care needs to be taken when wearing and handling it.
      3. Guidance on caring for your creation is provided and as such, we cannot be held responsible for how you wear or use your creation. 
    4. Damaged items
      1. Applies to all custom made rings, pendants, charms or keepsakes manufactured by Mom's Own Milk.
      2. Under the Consumer Rights Act, we reserve the right to request independent evidence that the item was faulty before making repairs to it. 
      3. Repairs to an order will carry a delivery charge to receive the repaired item back to you.
    5. Cancellations and Refunds
    6. We recognise and accept that there are some instances when orders need to be cancelled or refunded and our policy is specified below.
    7. You will have 24 hours after placing your order in which to notify us of any changes to your order, such as ring sizes, colour options, layout, personalisation or anything else.  After 24 hours, work may be commenced on the order in preparation of receipt of your inclusions.  See part 2.3.3 for exceptions and examples (the list is not inclusive of every scenario).
    8. In each instance there will be costs associated with the cancellation or refund as specified below:
      1. Breastmilk kits - breastmilk collection kits are not provided free of charge and any costs associated with kits and the posting thereof will be deducted from the total order amount.
      2. Cancellation charges - every payment made to this store carries a transaction fee, the cost of which will be deducted from the total order amount as specified in the table 1.  The transaction fee is calculated on the total order amount, not the individual item. 
      3. Custom made metal smithing, custom made bespoke items, purchased findings -  materials and supplies used in making bespoke / custom made items (e.g and specifically sized rings, bespoke pendants, charms according to your specifications) will incur a cost of up to 100 % of the purchase price (i.e. partial / no refund will be given on that item).
      4. Direct bank transfers - for refunds made by international bank transfer (as apposed to secure card payments) will carry additional costs.  See table 2.
  3. Refund / cancellation value
     Order type Refund / cancellation value
    4.1  Before we acknowledge receipt of your inclusions and within 3 months of placing your order

    Full refund less cancellation costs (as applicable and specified in section 2.3)

    Exception - section 2.3.3

    4.2 Before we acknowledge receipt of your inclusions and after 3 months of placing your order

    Conversion to store credit less cancellation costs (as applicable and specified in section 2.3.)

    Exception - section 2.3.3

    4.3 After we acknowledge receipt of your inclusions

    25 % refund less cancellation costs (as applicable and specified in section 2.3.)  All stored inclusions will be discarded and your creation will be destroyed.

    Exception - section 2.3.3

    4.4 After we post your completed item to you

    You will need to return the unwanted item back to us at your own expense.  It must be in its original packaging, unused and unworn.

    Any precious metals will be removed, weighed and the monetary equivalent of scrap precious metal at that time will be refunded to you.  Non-trade scrap metal prices can be found on the Cookson website.

    All stored inclusions will be discarded and your creation will be destroyed.

    Exception - section 2.3.3

    Table 1:  Cancellation charges

    *Transaction fees are based on the value of the transaction and is as specified in the table below.   Transaction fees are paid every time a transaction is made.

     Total purchase price Transaction fee
    £ 0.01 - £ 10.00
    £ 0.50
    £ 10.01 - £ 20.00
    £ 1.00
    £ 20.01 - £ 30.00
    £ 1.25
    £ 30.01 - £ 40.00
    £ 1.50
    £ 40.01 - £ 50.00
    £ 1.75
    £ 50.01 - £ 60.00
    £ 2.00
    £ 60.01 - £ 70.00

    £ 2.45

    £ 70.01 - £ 80.00
    £ 2.75
    £ 80.01 - £ 90.00
    £ 3.50
    £ 90.01 - £ 100.00
    £ 4.00
    £ 101.01 - £ 120.00

    £ 5.00

    £ 120.01 - £ 150.00

    £ 6.00

    £ 150.01 - £ 200.00

    £ 7.00

    £ 201.01 - £ 250.01

     £ 8.50


    Table 2:  International bank transfer fees

    Direct bank transfer fees that may be applicable:

    Fees applied when receiving international payments into our account:
    Receiving a payment up to £100 - £ 12.50 fee;
    Receiving a payment of £100 or over - £20.00 fee.
    Outgoing International Payments cost £ 25.00

    *Transaction fees are based on the value of the transaction and is as specified in the table below.   Transaction fees are paid every time a transaction is made.


    Last update: Mat 2021