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Customised Decal Glass Cabochon Charm - Sterling Silver

  • $206.00

Capture your child's foot prints, hand prints or profile in a unique one of a kind glass creation.  Or provide us with your own text for a truly unique design.
  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only and all sizes are approximate.
  2. Where applicable and to prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
  3. We are able to set breastmilk or cremation ashes in your creation.
  4. About artisan glass pendants
    1. Our artisan glass pendant range takes glass fusing to a whole new exciting level.  We make use of glass powders, frit and sheet glass in varying combinations to create amazing one of a kind creations.  In most cases, we spend a lot of time hand forming the pendant to the desired shape.
  5. Customised decals are created based on your requirements.  These decals look best on white / transparent designs, light dichroic glass or pastel coloured layered glass.  Boob awards can be added to your creation and needs to be purchased using this link:
    1. Customised hand print / foot print / silhouette of your child:
      1. We require is a high quality photo of the hand / foot print against a white background that you would like included in your creation.  This could either be an actual photograph or a print using an inkless wipe.  Be reminded that  poor quality images will produce poor quality decals.  Once your order has been made, please reply to your order confirmation by including your image.
      2. For the silhouette if your child, please specify how you wish it to look and provide is with a clear image of child against a white wall / door.  For a head silhouette, please ensure that the photo is taken straight on alongside your child's face.  For a full body image, ensure that the photo is taken at a sufficient distance so that the upper or bottom part of the body is proportional.
    2. Customised text / image
      1. Please provide us with a clear image / text of what you would like included in your design.
    3. Standard images
      1. We have a number of standard images on file measuring approximately 20-25 mm in size, and it includes the various breastfeeding logos, breastfeeding celebration designs and inspirational text.
  6. About glass fused charms:
    1. Glass fusing is the process of heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. Temperatures reach over 800 degrees Celsius.
    2. Air bubbles within the glass is common and gets formed when the air is trapped between the glass.
    3. We offer a wide range of opal, transparent, iridised and dichroic glass.
    4. Dichroic glass is produced by glass and micro-layers of metal or oxides which give the glass shifting colours depending on the viewing angle of view,
    5. Visit out colour pallet for some or our glass options.
    6. Glass pendants are kiln annealed to ensure durability.
  7. Types of glass
    1. We work with standard transparent, opal or clear glass.  We hold a wide number of colours and effects in stock, so if you have a specific colour in mind, please discuss with us before placing your order.  
    2. We also make use of dichroic glass which is more expensive but yields a much more beautiful result.  Dichroic glass displays two different colours depending on the lighting conditions.  Please discuss your requirement with us before placing your order.  We currently hold a number of colours in stock, with the most common being silver dichroic on black glass.  We do hold dichroic on clear glass.
  8. Pendant shapes and sizes.
    1. Generally, a glass cabochon is round in shape and free formed in the kiln.
    2. Charms are typically between 10-15 mm in size.
  9. A hole is drilled through the glass to attach a charm holder so you can wear it on your bracelet.  The findings are sterling silver.
  10. We offer three types of charm holders.  Please specify your charm holder at checkout:

    1.  Dangle charm holder: is a round slider ring that fits over pandora, and other round charm bracelets. 

    2.  Lobster claw:  is a clip on charm attachment.

    3.  Split ring: is a ring that opens on one side allowing you to add your charm to your bracelet. It looks like a mini keyring loop.

  11. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.