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Glass Egg & Cone Locket

  • $190.00

  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only and all sizes are approximate.
  2. Where applicable and to prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
  3. We are able to set breastmilk or cremation ashes in your creation.
  4. We will use white / transparent glass.
  5. About glass fused pendants:
    1. Glass fusing is the process of heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. Temperatures reach over 800 degrees Celsius.
    2. Air bubbles within the glass is common and gets formed when the air is trapped between the glass.
    3. We offer a wide range of opal, transparent, iridised and dichroic glass.
    4. Visit out colour pallet for some or our glass options.
    5. Glass pendants are kiln annealed to ensure durability.
    1. There may be additional costs associated with a purchase. Glass effects and boob awards for glass costs extra.
    2. The locket includes is sterling silver.
    3. Lockets can be opened.  The cabochons will be secured inside the locket to prevent loss.
    4. Sizes
      1. The egg locket features a delicate see through filigree design and measures approximately 24 x 17 mm in size.  It can accommodate one or two cabochons.
      2. The cone locket is solid with heart details embossed on the outside and measures approximately 21 mm x 12 mm.  It can only accommodate one cabochon.
      3. Lockets are sterling silver and includes a free sterling silver necklace.
    5. Repeated opening and closing of the locket may damage the closing mechanism and we are not responsible for any damage caused by this.
    6. Pendants include a complimentary sterling silver necklace (using available findings we have in stock and appropriate to the design.  Complimentary necklaces cannot be exchanged or returned if broken.  We do offer sturdier necklaces for sale in our online store.
    7. If you should find anything of concern, please reconsider your purchase.

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