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Boob Awards for Glass

  • $10.00

The cost is for the colour only, not a charm bead, pendant or ring.

  1. All images are for illustrative purposes only.  
  2. Boob awards cannot be purchased on its own.  It has to be purchased as part of a suitable FUSED GLASS creation in store. 
  3. Suitable for fused glass pendants, rings, charms, not lamp worked or resin creations.
  4. Please specify your superstar breastfeeder stone number at checkout.

    What are boob awards?

    There is a fun award system within the breastfeeding community for every milestone you reach during your breastfeeding journey.  Each milestone is represented by an award.
     Month Award
    3+ months
    Bronze boobs
    6+ months Silver boobs

    12+ months

    Gold boobs

    15+ months

    Gold boob with jade nipples

    18+ months

    Platinum boobs

    24+ months

    Diamond boobs

    30+ months

    Diamond boobs with jade nipples

    36+ months

    Diamond boobs with jade crystals and platinum nipples

    48+ months

    Diamond boobs with jade crystals and diamond nipples

    60+ months

    Superstar breastfeeder - colours available is violet, purple, orange, red, champaign, black, grey, peridot - please specify your choice at checkout.

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