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Your breastmilk: guaranteed

I get asked this question regularly.

How do you know that I have used your own breastmilk?

The short answer is: there is no guarantee and you are making your purchase based on trust. It's the same principle when having a loved one cremated or when you undergo medical tests . You place trust in the professional in that they have clear and defined processes in place to ensure that its your products they are working with. This might not fill you with confidence but, any breastmilk jewellery provider will require you to mail your breastmilk to them to convert it into a creation of your choice. In all instances, that process is secret so that already prevents disclosure of some steps in the conversion process.

I can offer the following: before I started Mom's Own Milk I used to be a compliance and auditing specialist working for some of the biggest financial institutions in the UK and abroad. I held senior positions and my area of expertise which included financial crime, money laundering control and sanctions compliance. My career lasted 20 years and during that time my values played a very important part of my success, career and my life. These include integrity, honesty, accountability, responsibility to name a few. I still practice them every day and I strive to be a role model to my son. There is no way I will ever act dishonestly in any dealings with you and any suggestions to that effect will be viewed in a very serious light.

To ensure that I use YOUR OWN breastmilk (or any other inclusion), I require that you place an order with me through my online store. You will be issued with an order confirmation that advises how and where to send your inclusions. You will be required to record your order number and name on every inclusion before posting it to me. When I receive it, I will verify your name and order number against my order database. At that stage I will create a sterile vial to store your breastmilk which is marked with your name, address, order number and date received. This vial is stored in my freezer for 12 months.

When I start creating your breastmilk inclusion, I will transfer your breastmilk from the breastmilk storage bag to the vial after verifying that all details match. Your breastmilk inclusion is held totally separate from any other order and at no stage are any two orders held alongside each other until such time as it is nearing completion. This is particularly relevant with orders that are the same where one creation exactly matches another order. Your order number will remain with your inclusion all the way through to your final creation. At the time of posting, I will verify the correctness of your creation against your order and mail it out to you.