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Group Orders

We welcome and actively encourage group orders, originating either locally or abroad. Each person participating in the group order can benefit from a discount dependent on the total order value of the group.  The qualifying criteria for a group order is at least 10 participants with a total order value of at least £ 1,000.00 and that delivery charges are shared.  Delivery of all completed items will be made to the coordinator who is responsible for dissemination of each completed parcel.

Updated July 2019

It's with regret that we advise that we will only accept breastmilk using our own breastmilk kits.  We have found in the past, and in particular, that participants in group orders fail to follow instructions when self mailing their inclusions resulting in at least a 25 % leakage of all milk.  Due to the health risks involved when dealing with leaked breastmilk, it is now only possible to provide breastmilk creation with the purchase of a breastmilk kit.

1.  Discounts* 

Are calculated on the total order amount, excluding delivery charges based on the following values:

Up to £ 1,000.00 - 12.5 %

Up to £ 1,500.00 - 15 %

Between £ 1,500.01 and £ 2,250.00 - 17.5 %

Over £ 2,250.01 - 20 % 


2.  How the Group Order process works

  • We will create an order for each participant.  
  • The coordinator is required to familiarise her / him self with our website and thereby assist us in streamlining the order creation process. 
  • The coordinator must provide us with a schedule detailing each person's requested item.  As a minimum, the schedule must contain:
    • The participant's name (which must match the cucustomer file on our online store)
    • The participant's email address
    • Details of each item being ordered including the product type, colour choice (as per our colour pallet), any printed text requirements and breastmilk inclusion shapes (where appropriate) and as specified on our breastmilk inclusion shapes page of our website.
  • Based on the schedule, we will proceed to create an individual order for each participant.  
  • We will only be providing input and / or quote on exceptional cases.  Standard store items are listed in the online shop and reference must be made thereto.
    • If all completed items are delivered to the coordinator, a flat rate delivery charge of £ 7.75 will apply.  This delivery price excludes the cost of a breastmilk kit and these will be provided to the coordinator at a reduced cost (if mailed , depending on the number of participants in the order. 
    • If we are requested to mail all completed items directly to each participant's home address, standard delivery fees will apply.  The cost of the breastmilk kit is extra.
  • Once all orders have been submitted, the coordinator will be invoiced for the total amount which needs to be paid electronically to us.

3.  Correctness of orders

In all instances, each participant will receive an order confirmation detailing their order and any customisation.  The participant is required to verify the correctness of the order and to advise us promptly of any changes.