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Breastmilk inclusion shapes

Breastmilk inclusions refer to the shape your processed breast milk is shaped, moulded and positioned in the creation of your choice.  Most creations require you to specify what shape you would like your inclusion to be.  

1.  If you have specific requirements, these can be specified in the "order and delivery comments" box during checkout.

2.  Milk inclusion placement and size is at my own discretion, unless advised to the contrary.

3.  The purchase of a "breastmilk" creation, includes one or several milk inclusions.  There is no added cost for additional milk inclusions unless advised to the contrary.

4.  Milk inclusions are natural white / yellow in colour depending on the properties of your breast milk.  Should you wish to have tinted milk, tinting is charged at an additional charge of £ 1.00 per colour.  You can add tinted milk to your order by visiting the Additional inclusions link.

5.  Breastmilk can be tinted similar in colour to the RESIN, FLUORESCENT and HOLOGRAPHIC RESIN TINT colours available in the Colour pallet.  

6.  When choosing your milk inclusion, please consider the size of your creation and the size of the inclusion.  Samples of completed creations can be viewed by visiting the Image gallery link.

7.  It is possible to include several milk inclusions in your creation, space permitting.

8.  Breast milk letters are considered as printed text and carries an additional charge if used together with any other breastmilk inclusion shape.

9.  All flat shapes / two dimensional shapes will be used in creations as from the end of August 2015. 


1.  Flat shapes - suitable for all creations - shape sizes starting at 6.5 mm

1.1 Hands and feet; butterflies; stars; crescent moon; crosses



1.2  Hearts, curved hearts and elongated hearts

Its with regret we advise that the puffed heart shape is no longer available.



1.3  Breastfeeding logo suitable for pendants and charms



1.4  Breastfeeding mother is an abstract version of the breastfeeding logo and is suitable for most creations



1.5  Angel design and triquerta - suitable for small and larger pendants at least 20 mm in diameter



2.  Three dimensional shapes suitable for some creations

2.1 New Dragon Egg / Mermaid Scales (upside down version) - suitable for 16, 20, 25 mm bezel pendants and charms, and also oval and heart bezel pendants.  Smaller bezel settings will not show the scales.


2.2  Mickey mouse and infinity design - suitable for larger pendant creations



2.3  Winged heart and crown are suitable for large resin pendants as pictured




2.4  Moon - suitable for 22 mm ring filled pendants.



2.4  Tiny tiara shape suitable for small and large creations



2.5  3D feet design

3D feet are not suitable for speciality charm beads unless you are comfortable with a wide bead.