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Stored breastmilk

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Whoever came up with the idiom "there's not reason to cry over spilled milk" has obviously not been through the trials and troubles of breastfeeding.  

This month, we again threw away over 275 vials of breastmilk that you, our customer, have painstakingly expressed to use for your beautiful Mom's Own Milk creation.   But sadly, although we would love to keep your milk forever, practically, we can no longer do so.

When we started out 4 years ago, the instances of "rotten breastmilk" jewellery was at its peak and artists around the world would merely discard leftover milk after they've completed an order.  From our experience and trials we realised that 6 months was too little and even 12 months is no guarantee.   So as the worldwide leader, we undertook to store your breastmilk for 18 months after and order is complete so that if our process was not as robust as we thought it was, we could remake your creation for you.

It is now 4 years down the line and we are confident that our breastmilk does not petrify, discolour, go rancid or just plain rot.  We still continue to monitor unset breastmilk inclusions and we now have accumulated 1.5 buckets of the stuff.

Starting 01 January 2017, all orders completed will only have their leftover milk stored for 6 months.  You are welcome to contact us within that period and use your stored breastmilk for a new creation.  When reordering, please request that we use your stored breastmilk from your previous order.


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