Bead pendants

Has a hole all the way through the shape and findings are threaded from the bottom to the top.  Standard bead pendants include a cap and ball at each end.  Birthstone charms or spacers can be added and needs to be purchased separately.


Bezel settings are elevated collars that wrap around or cup the rim of the cabochons with a complete metal edging.  Bezels are suitable for fused glass and inlay work.


Glass cabochons are rounded glass pebbles shaped with a domed obverse and a flat referse.  They can include breastmilk, hair and / or cremation ashes. Please apprise yourself of the hair in glass process from our selection guide before choosing this option.  Cabochons can be set in bezel and decorative designs.  All cabochons are completely hand made and will have inclusions encapsulated between white and transparent glass.

Decorative setting

Decorative settings wraps around a cabochon with prongs in a crown like pattern.  This is only suitable for fused glass rings and pendants, not inlay work.


The silver or gold metal parts of the pendant, ring or charm.

Flame working

Is a type of glasswork where a torch or lamp is primarily used to melt the glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements. It is also known as lamp working or torch working.  It is suitable for breastmilk, cremation ashes and locks of hair. and three dimensional items are made including earrings, rings, charm beads, beads and pendants.

Glass fusing

Glass fusing is the process of joining together of pieces of glass at high temperature between 700 °C (1,292 °F) to 820 °C (1,510 °F).  It is suitable for breastmilk and cremation ashes. Typically this process is used to make cabochons (domed obverse with a flat reverse) suitable for rings and pendants.


Are what you provide us to set in your creation.  A breastmilk inclusion is any inclusion made of breastmilk.  Non-breastmilk inclusions may include hair or cremation ashes.  Single inclusions is any one these and double inclusions are any two (e.g. breastmilk and hair).

Inlay process

Our inlay process uses ancient principles with keepsake inclusions.  For non breastmilk inclusions, we use traditional inlay techniques. For breastmilk items, the breastmilk infused glass will be crushed and inlaid using inlay techniques into a setting or channel.Inlay is suitable for all breastmilk and non breastmilk inclusions and is typically uses when making rings, charm beads and pendants.  A resin layer can add a domed effect and gloss. Inlay work is flat with a mat appearance. Lighter coloured non-breastmilk inclusions like blonde / white hair is best suited over a very light or white background.


Has one opening at one end where the findings (clasp) is added.  Pendants are hung on a necklace chain.