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Sculpted Silver Fingerprint Ring

Mom's Own Milk

Sculpted Silver Fingerprint Ring
    1. All images are for illustrative purposes only. 
    2. Where applicable and to prevent delays in completing your order, please provide us with your specific customisation at checkout.
    3. There may be additional costs associated with a purchase. This includes CZ stones and engraving.
      1. We can set your breastmilk / cremation ashes in glass.
      2. Fine silver rings are 99.9% pure silver.  Each jewellery creation is crafted by hand using fine silver metal clay. 
      3. Once the design has been agreed, please clearly specify at checkout how you would like the ring to look, your size and the inclusions / layout you require.  There may be additional costs associated with your purchase. 
      4. Taking your fingerprint at home:
        1. You will need:
          1. White, clean, unlined paper.
          2. A soft pencil (a 3B is ideal)
          3. A roll of sellotape or clear packaging tape.
        2. Steps
          1. Using the pencil, shade an area on the paper making sure to go over it several times.
          2. Rub your finger all over the shaded area on the paper.  Be sure to roll your finger from left to right and that it is covered from the tip of your finger to the crease surrounding your joint.
          3. Tear off some tape and place it flat on a hard surface with the sticky side pointing up.  Carefully press your finder onto the tape.
          4. Slowly peel your finger away to reveal your pencil fingerprint.  If you are happy with the detail, flip the tape over and stick it to a piece of clean white unlined paper.  If you are unhappy with the detail, repeat steps 1-4 until a clear print is obtained.
          5. Write your name and order number on the piece of paper.
          6. If you have access to a high resolution scanner, scan the print and email it to by replying to your order confirmation email.  
          7. Alternatively, mail it to us in a hard envelope ensuring that the print does not bend in any way.  You will find the address at the end of your order confirmation email.
      5. Please provide us with your ring size at checkout.
        1. Our ring sizer helps you to determine your ring size and it can be found in the shop listing. It works just like a belt: form a ring, place it on your finger until you get a comfortable fit. Then read off the indicated size.  The multiuser is made of plastic and offers U.K. sizes A to Z. 
        2. There is a cost for the ring sizer tool and it must be purchased in addition to the ring and part of your order.  >>> Click here to add the ring sizer tool to your shopping basket <<<
        3. When choosing a breastmilk kit as part of your delivery option, the ring sizer will be included in the kit.  
          If you choose to self mail your inclusions to us, additional delivery fees will be payable.
      6. If you should find anything of the process a concern, you may wish to reconsider your order.

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