Rainbow baby pendant

 The leading UK and worldwide provider of breast milk jewellery, mementos and keepsakes.  Includes lock of hair, cremation ashes, placenta and umbilical jewellery and mementos.

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For many mothers, breastfeeding a newborn baby is an unforgettable and rewarding experience that not only provides immeasurable health benefits for mother and child but also strengthens that mother-child bond. Breastfeeding is not always an easy path to follow and many mothers have to overcome, what seems like, insurmountable obstacles to give their beloved baby the best start in their life and it is one of the most selfless acts. 


Now you can preserve that beautiful life sustaining memory with an amazing breastmilk pendant, charm or keepsake made with YOUR OWN breast milk, 100 % guaranteed.  All creations are fully customisable and can include baby's lock of hair, name, umbilical cord.  There are over 900 products available in store and many new creations are added every month.  


Based in the United Kingdom.  Servicing the world.




We have a huge and ever growing global customer base including local ladies (and gentlemen) from the UK and in the following countries:  

1.  Africa:  South Africa

2.  Asia: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore

3.  Europe:  Austira, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Luxemborg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

4.  North America:  Canada, United States

5.  Oceania:  Australia, New Zealand

It is with regret that we advise we will not have dealings with anyone based in Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea.  Similarly, anyone living in Cuba, Myanmar or the Crimean Peninsula will need to contact us to obtain prior approval.

Anyone residing in any other country is welcome to engage with and we offer attractive shipping charges. 


Frozen breastmilk

Do you have breast milk stored away in your freezer for months, or even years? No problem! Its perfectly fine to use. Just defrost it before posting it to us.


New products

Charm beads range

We are so excited to showcase our new leopard print breastmilk charm bead.  Fully customisable with your choice of coloured spots!

Leopard print


Boob Awards Range of inclusions

Our new Boob Awards range of includes celebrates your breastfeeding milestones at key stages, including 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  We've extended the awards and now offer Boob Award  inclusions to customise your unique creation in celebration of 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 48 months.

Boob Awards


Sterling Silver Vintage Floral Bubble Pendants and Charms

Available in two sizes: the standard size can also include a lock of baby's hair. Now reduced.

Vintage Bubbles


Sterling Silver Filigree Egg Locket

Measures approximately 24 mm x 17 mm and can be made with either one bubble or two bubbles.  Each bubble can hold one inclusion (breasmtilk, lock of hair, umbilical cord, placenta or cremation ashes).  Lockets can be opened and the bubbles are secured to prevent loss.

Egg Locket


Mommy Pendants

We are so pleased to offer several Tree of Life pendants range. 
  Tree of Life (BM filled)         Tree of Life




Quick buy shop

Our quick buy section provides you with ease of purchasing popular designs.  Your purchase will look the same as the image and is sold with the listed inclusions.  In some instances there are customisation options (such as printed text of your choice or resin tinting).  These must be recorded in the ORDER AND DELIVERY COMMENTS section of your basket.  If you omit to list your resin tinting at checkout, your creation will be made transparent.

Visit our Online shop for more customisation options.